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Prepare for Bar Mitzvah, Prepare for Life

Bar mitzvah preparation is often dismissed due to outrageous synagogue fees, time-consuming classes, and an overall lack of interest from the child.

We’ve created a space where your son can begin to understand and build his Jewish identity through a series of short and inspiring life lessons – all taught online at his own pace.

certificate of completion

Upon completion of the course, your son gets a beautifully personalized acrylic plaque to display at his bar mitzvah, acknowledging his achievement and milestone.

Get Recognized for Hard Work

Students can earn achievement badges on their plaques for each of the following opportunities:

  • Webinars on various Jewish topics
  • Honors bar mitzvah prep classes
  • Advanced mitzvah challenges

Go above and beyond

Pair the Bar Mitzvah PREP School with one or both of the following additional educational opportunities for the full bar mitzvah prep experience:

Hebrew reading classes
Torah Chanting lessons

While the Bar Mitzvah PREP School introduces concepts in Judaism and inspirational life-lessons, both Hebrew reading and Torah chanting classes offer the practical and valuable skills associated with bar mitzvahs. *Additional fees apply

About Your Teacher

Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein

“I’m a work in progress, just like everybody else”, is one of the ways Rabbi Weinstein humbly describes himself.

In reality, though, Rabbi Weinstein is recognized as an expert in the science of Jewish spirituality.

As a published author, creator of the Beginning Within podcast, life coach, father of 9 children, and Rabbi of his synagogue in Newtown, PA for 20+ years specializing in teen and adult education, he has found there to be a void in the “Bar Mitzvah learning” arena.

His teaching approach includes a blend of psychology, spirituality, clarity, and conviction, and he fills that void with an engaging, meaningful, and exciting bar mitzvah prep course that your son will want to attend.

Rabbi Weinstein is a former member of the editorial board of the Jewish Learning Institute and has been a featured lecturer at the National Jewish Retreat. He is currently a second-term member of the Newtown Borough Human Relations Commission.

He published his book, It’s Within You: A Detailed Road Map to Igniting, Deeper Self-Worth, Richer Relationships, and Greater Personal Freedom, in 2019.


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